About Me

greg-wedding-familyEveryone has their own person and unique story, and each of us travels differently on his/her spiritual journey. I hope that through sharing my own personal story of failures, successes, wisdom, insight and understanding, that I might help you make one life changing decision that will bring blessings, clarity, hope, spiritual healing, new possibilities, breakthroughs, freedom and victories in all areas of your own life.

Life can be very hard as we all know, and sometimes there seems little hope for a better tomorrow. Yet despite the hardships and pain, hope finds us. In this hope one can find comfort, true love and acceptance. In that hope, one can find the strength to continue on.

The Good News I share to everyone is that Hope is alive and available to you right now. 

I have learned some very tough but important life lessons of my own in the past ten years from going through a divorce, bankruptcy, business failure, home foreclosure, repossessed car, and overcoming addictions, depression and anxiety from  the brink of suicide to starting over with a brand new joyful life overflowing with abundant blessings.

It is a story of God’s goodness, forgiveness, and Amazing Grace.  It includes the blessings and challenges of being a co-Parent and father of two  beautiful children (one with Special Needs), and learning to become a devoted Husband and Dad. I’ve been saved and re-made by His amazing grace, and He has created beauty from ashes.

Going through some of my most challenging times has made me realize that there really is a treasure in each of our trials; that the challenges that come into our lives will be a stronger part of our own testimony, a chance to build and refine our character, and that what often looks like a major setback, is always a set up for God to use it for His ultimate good, taking a mess and making it a part of His message to share to others.

Research has shown that people make to the decision to change for one of two reasons: Inspiration or Desperation. Wouldn’t you want to be inspired to change your life?

The emptiness you feel inside yourself is real. We aren’t meant to do this life alone. We were made for more and created to have an  intimate personal relationship with God. He wants you to reconnect with Him as it was originally intended.

There really is a need and a void in each of our hearts that only He can fill. I want to help you see that God has a wonderful redemption plan and purpose for each of our lives, and He is tremendously interested in our finding a satisfying way of life right here and now. Some believers talk so much of the negative side of Christian experience that we have forgotten to emphasize the positive, joyous, thrilling, and victorious experience of daily fellowship with Christ.

I believe at the core: Our lives were designed to be simple, but we choose to make them complicated

Deep down we know that things in our world today are not the way they are supposed to or should be. The opposite of blame is praise. What if we stopped blaming God for what’s wrong in the world and started praising Him for what is right?

I want to help you see that what matters most in life isn’t our material possessions, but our relationships, who we love and who loves us, money will buy you a bed, but not a good night’s sleep, a house but not a true home, a companion but not a faithful friend, and finally there’s not a lot you can do about the national economy, but there is a lot you can do about your personal economy.

I am a student of life, who doesn’t claim to know everything, but I hope to help motivate and encourage others who are facing some of my previous battles. We are all a work in progress, and I believe life is a process of sorting through the lies we are deceived by and often tell to others and ourselves while pursuing the absolute and simple truth. I now have a deep desire to inspire people to move from knowledge to action – and that’s when real change and transformation starts happening.

My hope and prayer is that my story will somehow inspire to help you simply believe and know that your God is deeply in love with you and cares about you more than you can comprehend right now.

Let’s stir up our Faith, Hope, Love, and Encouragement here today.

Thank you for joining me!